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Golden Visa in Spain

Thinking of leaving Brazil through investment or business? With Golden Visa Spain this is possible!

What is the spanish Golden Visa?

It’s a new type of residence directed towards people who are not spanish citizens and want to enter spanish territory to invest.

What kind of golden visas are there in Spain?
The law distinguishes two groups: capital investments (in public debt, public stocks of spanish companies, bank deposits in spanish financial institutions and through the acquisition of real estate goods); and other investments (starting a public interest company, highly qualified professionals, and transactions within the same company).

With the golden visa can I move around the Schengen Zone freely?
Yes. The Golden Visa allows the investor to move freely through the Schengen Zone: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal Czech Republic, Sweden, and Switzerland.

May I maintain my fiscal residence outside of Spain?
Yes, so long as the person does not exceed the required 183 days in the country where they are fiscal residents. Besides, the residence authorization may be renewed, even if there are absences of more than six months a year.

Does the golden visa allow me to work in Spain?
Yes, the golden visa allows those who possess it to reside and work in Spain. That results from the Cuarta Disposición Adicional de la Ley, which foresees only one procedure to solicit a residence and work authorization.

How long can I stay in Spain with the golden visa?
The residence visa allows staying in Spain for a year. After that, the residence authorization can be obtained for two years, renewable for two more years if the investment maintenance is proven.

Is it possible to reduce the process to obtain residence?
Yes. The visa requests are concluded and notified in 10 workdays, while the maximum deadline to resolve residence authorizations is of 20 days after presenting the request, with a positive answer.

Are the 500.000 euros paid by who requests the visa or directly on the application?
By the investor, but it can also include family members who are with them in which case the authorization can be solicited along with the request’s authorization and visa. However, they must follow the overall conditions and prove family bonds through birth/marriage certificates.

Who can be considered family to also apply for the investment visa?
Family members are spouses and children under 18 years old, or over 18 but who are objectively incapable of providing for themselves due to some type of health issue.

Is it possible to invest free of taxes and tributes?
Yes. When acquiring real estate properties, the investor must prove their financial capacity of making a 500.000 euro investment, free of any taxes. However, an investment in a value superior to the necessary amount may lead to commissions and taxes.

May I buy more than one real-estate property?
Yes, the legal reference for active real-estate properties does not mean one single property or only one kind of property. Anyhow the investment must be made before soliciting the visa.

At the end of the maximum 5-year period, may I request a permit for permanent residence?
It can be solicited, but it will not be granted automatically at the end of this period. In this case, a continuity test of residency must be made to obtain the permanent residence permit.

Which conditions do I have to meet to obtain permanent residence?
To obtain permanent residence the foreign citizen must live legally and effectively in Spain for five years. Also, for it to be considered, the period lived outside in Spanish territory must be inferior to 6 consecutive months and must not exceed a total of 10 months, during the referred 5-year period.

To solicit Spanish nationality, will it be taken into account the period of legal residence in the country?
Yes. The period legally lived in Spain will be taken into consideration to solicit permanent residence in Spanish nationality.

Is it possible to continuously renew the residence authorizations to an investor every two years?
Yes but with a few observations. The authorization of residence to investors must have an initial two-year period, after which the license may be renewed every two years for an indefinite time, in case the investments are effective and check all necessary conditions.

Can I obtain a two-year residence authorization directly, without investors’ authorization?
No. The investor’s permit is necessary and it is valid only for one year. During that time the residence authorization may be solicited at any moment without having to wait until the end of the one year.

Does the 14/2004 of september 27th law have a retroactive character?
No. The law only applies to Investments made after september 29th 2013, the date on which the law was enforced, as indicated in the 13th final disposition of the same law.

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