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Validation of Diplomas in Portugal

Have you thought about having your diploma validated in Portugal and having the right to practice your profession throughout Europe? Believe this is possible, and we can help you.

Foreign degree recognition or equivalency

How to validate a Law degree in Portugal?

The professionals who have a Portuguese degree (or a degree with equivalency obtained in the country) may work normally in all European territory, so long as they “fulfill every other condition to the exercise of the profession demanded by the government authorities and competent employees”, which means having subscribed to the according Order or Class Council acknowledged in the country where the immigrant will work.

Many people still have doubts about re-validating their degrees in Portuguese universities. To have your diploma recognized it is necessary to follow the same procedure for every profession (find a course with a similar curriculum and start the process).

The brazilian lawyer who wishes to work as such in Portugal must subscribe to the Ordem dos Advogados de Portugal. Besides, the lawyer must have legal residence in Portugal (expedited by the SEF, Foreigners, and Borders Service) or know a portuguese lawyer who can take vouch and take responsibility for the brazilian professional.

Does a brazilian engineer need to validate their degree to work in Portugal?

In the same way as doctors and lawyers, brazilian engineers who wish to work in Portugal must associate themselves with the country’s Engineers’ Order. Those who already have more than 5 years of experience, in case they are approved in the curricular evaluation, may become an immediate and effective member of the Order.

Individual curricular evaluation: when this evaluation indicates flaws or lack of experience in areas considered essential to the exercise of the profession and engineering field the candidate intends on working, they will have to go through a knowledge, aptitude, and competence test.

The candidates approved in the admissions tests are registered as intern members and must do internships in the terms foreseen in the Engineers’ Order Internship Rules.

The candidates approved in the admissions tests who have more than a five-year professional experience may require being dismissed from the internships.

Being a doctor in Portugal

The equivalence of a medical degree in Portugal can be made for those who have a regular undergraduate degree in Medicine or already have a master’s degree in the area.

Even though this procedure grants the equivalence to a master’s title, the candidate doesn’t need to have a previous master’s degree in Brazil. They can obtain the title through published articles or researches presented in congresses, as a way to value doctors who invest in scientific researches.

According to the Doctors’ Order in Portugal, those who intend on working as doctors in the country must subscribe to the order, but, before, have their degrees properly recognized or have obtained the medicine course equivalence in an institution the Order acknowledges.

Validating the degree in other health-related areas: nurse, dentist, veterinarian, etc.

In Portugal, the degree recognition for professions in the health area, other than doctors, such as dentists, nurses, pharmacists, and veterinarians, is regulated by the 2005/35/CE directive of the European Union. According to articles 46 and 47 of the Agreement of Friendship, Cooperation, and Mutual Assistance, the conditions applied to the EU citizens on recognizing the professional qualifications of the mentioned areas are extended to brazilian citizens.

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