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Portuguese Citizenship

Children of portuguese citizens, grandchildren, spouses and partners, as well as descendants of portuguese sephardi jews, people born in the ex-portuguese colonies and those who, for some reason, lost their portuguese nationality have a right to apply for the portuguese nationality.

Who has the right to the portuguese citizenship?

Having a portuguese citizenship means gaining access to new opportunities, not just for you, but also for your family. Both Brazil and Portugal allow dual nationalities, so obtaining your portuguese citizenship will only bring advantages: both brazilian and portuguese passports, and the option of living in any country of the European Union.

Portuguese ancestors: individuals born abroad with, at least, one second degree direct ancestor of portuguese nationality. That is, grandchildren of portuguese citizens;

Sons or daughters of a portuguese citizen born in Portugal or in Brazil, as long as the parent obtained portuguese citizenship before dying;

Grandchildren of portuguese citizens born in Portugal;

Grandchildren of portuguese citizens born abroad: the organic law of nº 9/2015, july 29th, proceeded the seventh alteration to the Nationality Law, extending the original portuguese nationality to grandchildren of portuguese citizens born abroad. However, the effectiveness of this measure demanded the alteration introduction to the Portuguese Nationality Rule, approved by the Decree Law nº 237-A/2006, from december 14th. After a long waiting period, the alterations in the Portuguese Nationality Rule were finally adopted through the Decree Law nº 71/2017, june 21st, that became effective on july 3rd, 2017. The change had the effect of organizing the procedure of portuguese nationality attribution to the grandchildren of portuguese citizens born abroad when the parents didn’t apply for the nationality;

Great grandchildren, in some cases. If the parents and grandparents are still alive, there are good chances of obtaining citizenship. If the father has died, with the recent alteration it is possible to apply for citizenship as a grandchild. However, if both the father and the grandfather have already died, it isn’t possible to apply for the portuguese citizenship at this time;

Marriage or Stable Union of at least three years with a portuguese citizen born in Portugal or who obtained such citizenship later;

Those who reside legally in Portugal for more than six years;

Re-acquisition of portuguese citizenship: in case the individual has lost it for choosing the brazilian nationality during a time when double nationality wasn’t a possibility;

Sephardi jews: the nationalization through naturalization of the descendants of portuguese sephardi jews.

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